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Remains of a 4,000 year old bronze age fort around the perimeter of which ancient Blackthorn hedges are still to be seen.

The Story of the Blackthorn.

It is in the nature of all things to protect themselves.   Plants, animals, birds and microbes have all found ways of adapting to keep themselves safe from predators, enemies and natural disasters.


Since the dawn of time protection has been a serious priority for mankind.   In the earliest times, long before they developed the ability to engineer fences and walls,  humans would use naturally occuring features as barriers.   One of the most effective natural defences was a blackthorn hedge.


The thick, strong and inpenetrable nature of a Blackthorn hedge with its visciously sharp spikes and deep roots made it ideal as protection agains bears, wolves and enemies.


There is good archaeological evidence that as long ago as the bronze age humans were planting blackthorn hedges around settlements to keep intruders out and domesticated animals in.  A form of natural security.

















Whilst an encounter with a spikey blackthorn hedge can be painful and frustrating  there is another dimension to the bush.   Blackthorn is green, naturally occuring and sustainable.  It produces fruit once a year, absorbs CO2, emits oxygen into the atmosphere and bears a beautiful rose like flower in the summer.


For thousands of years blackthorn has been a highly resource efficient means of protection which is easy on the eye and has the additional benefit of producing food.  To this day security experts and crime prevention officers often recomend using the bush as it adds to the visual beauty of an area, has a 'traditional feel' to it and does not convey an aggressive impression to local communities.


As a means of security the blackthorn is simple, enduring, unpretetious and highly effective.


In naming The Blackthorn Consultancy we considered the features of a blackthorn hedge;  Simple, enduring, unpretentious and highly effective.  These are the hallmarks of our work and the solutions we offer to clients; Simple, enduring, unpretentious and highly effective.


And so ...... We are proudly Blackthorn !!!










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