Our Government and International sevices portfolio is available to recognised governmental agencies and  approved humanitarian organisations only.    Diplomatic and law enforcement guidance will be sought when considering requests for service.


Emergency Planning.

- Civil Agencies - 






  • Preparation for major contingencies.
  • Aid to civil power - Planning, structuring & Training.
  • 3rd party conduct of test exercises and tactical evaluations.
  • Expatriate safety & evacuation plans for conflict & disaster zones.
  • Scenario based disaster and multi site emergency exercises. for civil authorities including external audit of procedures, command / & control and operational performance at command and tactical levels.
  • Project management of  structured disaster & emergency response programs - Command & Control - Operational Training - Logistics.
  • Facilitating civil / military liasion and the development of co-operative cultures using CRM (Crew Resource Management) methodologies.

Amongst our partners and advisors are former chief Police officers and senior military leaders with wide experience of commanding major operations including the 2012 London olympics and a range of international disaster & emergency responses.   Our skill set also includes wide experience of planning, monitoring and appraising major table top and live readiness excercises and simulated emergency situations.

We have a broad spectrum of high level training capabilty with a background in delivering Police senior command courses  and specialised investigative training togerther with advanced military and civil emergencies training.













  • Human rights & civil liberties training for Police
  • Senior officers Police command course
  • A range of specialist tactical 'Train to Task' policing courses.
  • Reform & rehabilitation policy and management.  The effective operation of custody facilities and prisons.
  • Outsourced management of security sector licensing, regulation and mandatory training.
  • External 3rd party preparation and tactical evaluation of test exercises and response drills.
  • Public order Policing.  -  Planning and training for 21st century social challenges.











  • Leadership development and senior officers command course.

  • Aid to civil power - Planning, structuring & training.

  • A range of specialist military tactical 'Train to Task' and skill at arms programs.

  • External 3rd party preparation and tactical evaluation of test exercises and response drills.

  • Search & Rescue helicopter operations in support of civil emergencies. - Advisory, planning & training support.

Government & International Services

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