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A Trusted International Partner.

With a solid track record in the GCC and an active presence in the UK Blackthorn is ideally placed to represent client's interests in both regions.   Arabic speaking consultants are available to  provide safety & security due diligence advice to inward investment clients or parents  sending children to study in UK.


Banking & Finance - Real estate  - Industry - Agriculture - Hospitality - Education - Family relocation

                                    Working arrangements 

Human Factors Management

People are crucial to security.   The way they are selected, trained, motivated and audited has a major impact on the quality of protection they will provide.   Whether you employ an 'in house' team or use a guarding contractor Blackthorn can help improve both service quality and value.


Organisational Management

Designing and building operationally effective security organisations is what Blackthorn excels at.   With a deep understanding of regional security markets and licensing structures we are well placed to advise on setting up a new guarding operation or restructuring an existing department.

Physical Risk Management

Aligning security & safety efforts to real quantified risks is central to getting the best from your resources.

At Blackthorn we have decades of experience preparing risk assesssments, survey reports, soft target counter terrorism plans and operational policies & procedures.

  Security Optimisation - Getting the best possible protection for your security spend.

Getting the best out of your Limited resources.

Risk Management Advice You Can Trust


At Blackthorn, we apply critical thinking to complex risk management challenges to help our clients get best value from their resources.

We do not provide guards, build fences or design electronic systems but we DO apply decades of experience in human factors, organisational restructuring, risk management & HSE.

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